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Still, reliable and affordable travel merchant accounts are not always easy to get. The main reason is that the travel industry is considered high risk by acquiring banks. Yet, there are many banks both in the US & internationally that are keenly interested in providing payment processing to travel merchants.

Looking for a travel merchant account? You have come to the right place. Travel merchants in the US & throughout the world successfully use our payment processing solutions to boost revenues, reduce costs, and maximize profits

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Travel Merchant Account Overview

Most travel agencies ask the same question: “Why is Travel called high risk?” and “Why my application is denied?”. The answer is very simple. Travel is a very dynamic business. In many cases, a travel agent takes payment as a third party. A travel agent may charge a customer for a hotel stay, vacation package, cruise, airline ticket, and so forth. Any change in such tickets, which is sometimes uncontrollable by the merchant, is making the merchant liable for a chargeback.

Today, many travel agencies do not charge airline tickets, hotels, and other travel fees on their own merchant account, but rather, charge it directly through the airline or travel provider. This method is well respected by many payment processors, but others still stay behind with a conservative approach and try to avoid travel agencies and other travel-related merchants.

ChargeMoney Approach

We, at ChargeMoney, evaluate each travel agency individually, we learn and study your method of doing business so we can board you with the acquirer that would feel most comfortable with your business model. This is how we are able to provide a reliable travel merchant account. Simply by listening to your requirements.

The process is relatively simple but does require some documentation from the bank, to validate your information. A ChargeMoney merchant specialist will guide you each step of the way to ensure quick approval.

ChargeMoney provides a variety of payment processing services to travel merchants. We have merchant accounts available domestically and offshore. Each merchant can choose between using the ChargeMoney payment gateway to any other form of processing such as a retail credit card machine.

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Even though credit card processing for travel agencies and other businesses in the travel industry is a high risk, it’s still possible. Merchants will have to demonstrate a reasonable level of risk to establish merchant services. At ChargeMoney Payments, we can help businesses operating in a responsible manner find hospitality merchant account services without excessive costs or fees.