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We are ChargeMoney and we are here to work for you

Our company is built on delivering high-level customer service along with competitive pricing and responsiveness. These are our main values, and we live by them every day to ensure you the best service and solutions available to make our customers successful.

We understand business and have the payment options and facilities needed to help you succeed. We offer everything ranging from local payment methods to credit card processing. If this wasn’t enough to entice you, we also have a strong API that can be easily integrated with your webshop or project.

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After completing the short application form, our experts will advise the appropriate banking partners from our network.

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Based on initial assessment we start the approval process . A dedicated agent will manage everything for you.


After approval, you can integrate with the payment gateway via API and you're all ready to start processing payments on your platform.







Frequently Asked Questions

Question & Answer.

Just visit our website and click the Apply Now button and start filling out the requested fields with your company details and contact information. Seconds later, you are already inside our interface, ready to start the integration. 

Yes. Incorporation is necessary. ChargeMoney does not accept business from individuals or freelancers.

If you receive many excessive chargebacks one after another on your account, you will reach the threshold zone designed by the card network. This is like a warning sign. If you get fail to control the chargebacks due to fraud, your accounts may undergo a monitoring program.