Online Dating Merchant Account

When you are in the online dating business, the major hurdle becomes getting access to online dating merchant solutions. Many online payment processing firms are reluctant to provide online dating payment getaways due to the high-risk nature of the business.

Unlike other types of online business, online dating has proved to be high risk due to the number of people who are unsatisfied with the services provided. However, you need a reliable online merchant account to be able to transact. For this reason, we are here to offer you just the right solution for your business.

Services we Offer

Credit Card Processing for Online Dating Merchants

Are you looking for payment processing for your online dating site? You’ve come to the right place. We provide online dating merchant accounts designed to meet the special requirements of dating apps and internet dating sites.

Low rates with fast approvals.

Speed time to market while saving money on payment processing.

Diversify payment options

Accept credit & debit cards. Add echecks for more sales from US members. Add international payment methods for global members.

Merchant accounts for all dating sites.

Adult online dating: GLBT dating sites; age-related, cultural or religious dating sites; geographic dating sites, alternative life style dating websites; and niche dating sites.

How to Apply for Your Adult Dating Merchant Account

Applying for an adult dating merchant account is simple. You submit an application form along with supporting information about your business.

You receive customized credit card processing solutions designed to accommodate your business requirements. Along with secure online dating merchant account gateways and specialized programs to decrease processing risk.

Online dating sites & apps have the same rights to access credit card processing as any other business. Get payment processing for your online dating site & dating app merchant accounts quickly & easily. Without the runaround & hassle that other credit card processing services put you through.

Once you decide to move forward with an application, a high-risk merchant account specialist is assigned to you. The specialist works closely with you to get your account approved fast. You are guided through the application process step-by-step which assures that your application has the best prospect of account approval. After your online dating merchant account is approved, ongoing customer service is provided 24/7.

Start your Dationg Merchant Account Services Today

As they say – knowledge is power, so don’t get caught off guard or stuck with excessive payment processing fees. Do the research and choose a company with top-tier customer service and competitive rates.

ChargeMoney has everything you need for the longevity and success of your online dating merchant account. Contact us to learn more and to start accepting credit card payments in as little as 5 days.