If you are planning to operate an online gambling platform, you are going to require a gambling merchant account. This makes a gambling processing integral to your business. The online gambling industry is vast and like other industries has many hurdles to overcome. Conventional banks are somewhat sceptical of those operating within the gambling industry, making ChargeMoney the easiest and safest solution to guide you through the process safely.

Obtaining an online gaming merchant account isn’t easy. However, if you comply with the requirements and provide the correct documentation, the chances of having your gaming merchant account approved is extremely high. The key to success is having a partnership with a company that knows the industry inside out and this is where we come into our own. We help you every step of the way, making the process simple for you to focus on making your business the best it can be.

Services we Offer

ChargeMoney has worked with countless gaming merchants all over the world. We have opened merchant accounts for gambling companies in various offshore jurisdictions and with a very high transaction success rate.

Reasons to Choose ChargeMoney for Online Gaming Merchant Account

Having the combined industry experience of over 10 years, ChargeMoney has provided merchant services to companies in the US and throughout the world. Here are some of the reasons merchants choose us.

Extensive Banking Network

Offering US and international merchant accounts. Establish a single online gaming merchant account. Diversify accounts for backup and mitigation of processing risk.


Have more than one online gaming merchant account? Easily view and manage all accounts through a single login. Increase productivity, enhance customer service and streamline business operations.

Chargeback Mitigation Services

Stop chargebacks before they happen. We help fight chargebacks to save you money through our technology and anti-chargeback procedures.

Level 1 PCI / DSS

Military-grade encryption. Exceeds the most stringent requirements for security and compliant payment processing.

Superior Customer Service

Highly trained representatives. Get the help you need when you need it.

Advanced Fraud Fighting Weapons

Safeguard your business. Customize settings to respond to changing conditions.

Why online gaming merchant account is considered high-risk

Digital gaming is categorised as high-risk by most acquiring banks for the following reasons:

  • High volume turnover. The digital gaming industry has a high volume turnover. The vast majority of banks who are giving gaming merchants a credit line consider this factor high-risk.
  • Intangible product. Intangible products increase the possibility of numerous chargebacks and refunds. With small transaction amounts that are common for digital gaming, the chargeback rate might become fateful for business success.
  • Money laundering. Gaming merchants are often based offshore.  There have already been documented cases of money laundering and fraud. That raises banks concerns from the offset.
  • No processing history. Thanks to the rapid growth of the industry, there is an increasing number of new merchants trying to get involved. Having enough funds for a fresh start, they still face refusal from the banks for not having a processing history. The lack of this is considered high-risk and often leads to a decline.